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  • Macaron Tower The elegant macaron display for the perfect day.

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Celebrate the special events with Cheerico Macaron Tower - the most elegant way to display your Macaron creations!

Welcome to Macarontower.com.au!  We sell macaron tower,  macaron boxes, cupcake stand, Cupcake boxes online in Australia. Our macaron tower display made from high quality plastic and come with acrylic legs to level up the Macaron Tower. The material we used are environmental friendly and Food Grade Compliance.

The Macaron tower is made to precise measurements it can be assembled in under 30 seconds. 

Whether you are looking for supplies for a party or for any special day, we have the large range of boxes.  We also offer our wholesale cupcake stands so feel free to drop us an email if you run a bakery or home cupcake business as we would love to hear from you. Happy cupcaking!

We are on TV! Our Cheerico Macaron stands are on the shelf!  Picture taken from American Series "2 Broke girls".  So pretty!!

Jovin Sung